Friday, July 19, 2013

7-19-2013 Portland International Beerfest Day one

Friday marks the day the 3 day Portland International Beerfest starts.  There are over 150 beers on tap .  Entry costs 20 bucks and that gets you a glass, 10 beer tickets, and 3 days entry into the festival.  They have music going all the time.  Each beer costs between 1 and 7 beer tickets and tickets cost 1 buck a piece.  You can buy pints of stella for 3 bucks. THe venue is pretty small and it was packed on friday afternoon.  Iwonder what it will be like tomorrow.  We enjoyed a good band called Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners.  They are an old time bluegrass band and they were good.
The Bridge City Crooners
We stayed a little while and then we decided to get some food.  There was a 50% off foursquare deal at The Brunch Box.  It is a hamburger joint.  We got 2 burgers for 6 bucks.

The Blue Cheese Burger (4 stars out of 5)

Thai Peanut Bacon Burger (3 stars)

Veggie spring roll with dipping sauce ($1.50)
Washed it down with a "real" coke like I had when I was a kid
After that we picked up my brother at the airport and then we went to Doug Fir to see the Scott Pemberton Trio.  We had seen him once before at the blues festival and he did not disappoint.  The venue is top notch and I would highly recommend it to anybody.

Scott Pemberton playing at Doug Fir
After that we headed home and got a nice cab ride by Radio Cab!

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