Monday, July 22, 2013

7-21-2013 Last day of the International Beerfest

The beerfest is about tasting beer and learning about the different beers.  There are 150 beers to sample and there is a guide that allows you to choose the beer by stats and style and then you go and find the number you want.

The music is awesome and was mostly country and bluegrass type of bands.  It is interesting how blues, bluegrass, and country are so similar and the different music classifications are like different colors....the number is infinite.

 I had plenty of tickets left so we started out trying to try the porters, the dunkels, and the weisengoots.  But soon we realized that all of the beers were running out, so I just basically forgot about the sheet and just walked around and picked something.

I learned a lot about beers during the festival and I thought it was a very nice event.  We each had a strategy over 3 days to try all the beers of certain styles so we wouldn't mix them altogether in the palate.  Who knows if it matters, but that is what we did.

The real highlight for me was the bands.  Below are a couple of videos of the bands we saw on Sunday.

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