Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7-22-2013 walk to The Bye and Bye

We had a business meeting at 5:30 at RonTom's.  We met with a very nice copywriter and discussed social networking and local search and looked all of the stuff he did.  It is an interesting place because there is no signage, they don't have a website and the only marker is just a guy with a helicopter suit.  The prices were reasonable at happy hour and they have a large outdoor space that was pretty crowded.  Although they don't have a website they have pretty good info on Google + Local.

After that we decided to head over to The Bye and Bye on Alberta Street.  This is the second time that we have gone here and it is a vegan bar.  The ratings for the place are very good and there is always a big crowd here.  There is a very nice outdoor patio that is very comfortable.

We split a meatball sandwich and it was really good.  The sandwich costs 8 bucks and could be stacked up favorably with any meatball sandwich that I have had.
Meatball Sandwich - Vegan ( 5 stars )
One very nice thing about Portland during July is that there are blackberries and raspberries all over the place.  It appears that people are planting them near the sidewalks just so people can have some as they walk buy.  They are very very good.
Sidewalk Blackberries near The Bye and Bye

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