Monday, July 8, 2013

some portland trip planning resources

I wanted to take a second to look create some notes for myself and some resources to people who may also be interested in planning a trip to Portland Oregon.

I wanted to try to separate the sites into the following categories.

  1. official government sites
    1. this is the official newspaper website and it is nearly useless for trip planning.  There is a calendar is not very utilized
  2. sites created by locals and kept up with hard work and love
    1. - unknown author - the site is mostly article driven - vs driven by easy trip planning
    2. - this is a very good calendar that also has an app associated with it.  This is a very good website for events that is curated and active. 
    3. - a very good website
  3. national sites that could be a franchise or a national site
    1. - very useful and there are tons of reviews for Portland businesses here.  The calendar utilization is so so
  4. sites to help you find things to do around town
    1. - meetup is very popular in Portland as it is everywhere
    2. - this is not used as much for tech from what I see in 2013.  Probably because caligator is so great.
    3. - this is the goto resource for finding tech events to go to.  The site is absolutely wonderful and it integrates nicely with my google calendar that I use.
    4. - has some events

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