Thursday, July 18, 2013

7-17-2013 Trip to Burnside and to get tickets

On Wed. 7-17-2013 we decided to hop the bus and head over to Burnside street to go to Doug Fir and pick up tickets to the Scott Pemberton Trio.  We had seen him at the Blues Festival and then I saw he was playing at Doug Fir.  I looked up the venue and it has well over 1000 google reviews which is the most I have seen.  My brother and his wife are coming to town to visit and we are all going to the show right after I pick him up from the Plane.

Scott Pemberton at the Blues Festival
We saved about 11 bucks by buying the tickets in person and we checked out the area at the same time.

We ended up going to Burnside Brewing Company and it was 3 dollar pint night so we had a beer and met a really interesting guy named Matt from San Diego.  He had a birthday and decided to just fly up to Portland to go to the International Brewers Festival this weekend.  He just hopped a plane and came up here and his wife will follow.  Interestingly he found Doug Fir online through good reviews and that was why he was there too.

I should have taken some pics, but I am just getting rolling with this travelers log and I forgot!

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