Friday, August 2, 2013

7-27-2013 Division street fair

I should have called it the division street fair that wasn't.  The poster said that the street fair was from 12th to 50th street on division street in Portland Oregon.  The reality was that there were a few things on some side streets and the whole event was really a huge disappointment.  That is not to say that we had some fun and learned a few things.

We started on 12th and division and were looking for the fair. While we were walking we saw the pic below.
this is in somebody's front yard...a little free library on the honor system
This kind of thing is all over the place in Portland.  People also put out boxes labeled free all over the place.  The culture in Portland is to recycle and conserve and share.

This architecture firm had edibles and rain gardens at their office
We really didn't see much that was exciting at the Street Fair and in all other cases a street fair.  We got to the end and swung over to our friend Justin's.  After that we got a bite to eat, caught the tail end of a band at The Landmark Saloon.  If you like bands and a nice outdoor patio then the Landmark is for you.

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