Thursday, August 15, 2013

8-14-2013 Lightbar and Hump Day

The second Wed. of every month is a fun little block party with lots of great art.  It is at    They say this about the event.
We are shutting down 4 blocks on SE 9th Ave between Belmont and Taylor. There are 3 areas for live music and around 100 artists will be showcasing their artwork.

Hump Day a new monthly art and music festival that will be hosted on the second Wednesday of the month in the Central Eastside Industrial Business District.

It is a very fun event and the prices are cheap and the artists are good and I get the sense that they are starving artists and are there because it is a cheap place to vend.  We all found some cool stuff to buy for gifts.

The vibe at humpday was like a tecno grateful dead show.....lots of fancy hula hoopers with lights and lots of cool art.  One guy did amazing picaso style pieces that he painted on plywood or OSB board and he sat his paint out in the sun to harden up.

After we did Humpday we went over to and chilled out.  It was 9:30 and we felt like we stumbled into the perfect place.  The restaurant is new and we have been working with the owner to help them understand and implement better Internet marketing.

quinoa salad

avocado and spinich panini

baked mac and cheese with homemade sausage

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