Thursday, August 15, 2013

8-15-2013 meetup at Nedspace and voodoo doughnuts

At 4:30 Lindsey, Cara, and Eric went to Luc Lac which is a vietnamese restaurant that is very popular.  We got a bunch of happy hour small plates to sample all of the fare.

we ordered 6 small plates which cost a total of 13 bucks

tofu spring rolls

steak skewer (4 stars)

coconut shrimp (2) 4 stars

chicken skewer (3 stars)
chicken wings (2) 4 stars
Overall I love this place and it is very popular and crowded usually.  It was my third visit here and I would say that I prefer the regular meals which are just as economical and a lot of these dishes need rice or noodles to balance them out.  Still I give our meal 3-4 stars overall.  

After we finished with our meal we headed to Nedspace for the young entrepreneurs meetup.  The meetup format was drink some beer, network, then listen to Mark Grimes talk about a startup and what it's value might be and why you would want to start a startup.  He was very informative and very helpful and if you dont know about incubators and nedspace then you could definitely look at  The people there are super nice and they all came to talk about tech and business which is awesome.

Cara and Lindsey got bored and took off.  I later met them at Voodoo Doughnuts.  This is a Portland staple and usually there is a huge line.  When I got there they had already eaten several donuts and they had a pink box to take home.
this is about a 2 hour line for voodoo doughnuts it stretches off to the horizon.  This was taken on a different day.

After we ate the doughnuts it was already 9:30 so we headed home.

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