Friday, August 16, 2013

8-16-2013 Portland Sampler Night

Papaya Pok Pok (vegetarian)
While Eric and Cara worked Lindsey met up with a friend from school who now lives in Portland.  They had lunch at Gravy on NE Mississippi, then went hiking at Mt. Tabor Park (we haven't even been there yet!).  That evening we all had a disappointing, overpriced dinner at Pok Pok Noi on NE Prescott.  I guess the restaurant had been built up so much that we did have really high expectations.  The drinks were good, though expensive.  Eric and Lindsey did like the wings (that's what everybody recommended), but Lindsey's Steak Salad was inedible - little steak and way too much strong topping (lemongrass they thought).  Cara's vegetarian Papaya Pok Pok was odd and very spicy - it came with a huge slice of raw cabbage that she wasn't sure how to eat with the rest of the dish.
Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings at Pok Pok Noi
Neua Naam Tok (Steak "Salad")
Drinks:  Mango Alexander, and Khing & I
After dinner we hopped the bus and headed downtown.  Cara and Lindsey explored Powell's Books until they closed.  The place is enormous, and very fun to look through.  Both found gifts for loved ones there, and could have easily spent several more hours there.  
 a stairway to heaven at Powell's Books
After Powell's Cara and Lindsey met up with Eric at Ringler's Pub for some pinball and drinks.  We stayed out late then finally decided to take the bus home.  After a decent wait we hopped on the 8 and headed home, talking the whole way.  In fact, we ended up missing our stop and found ourselves at the end of the bus line with no more busses coming that night.  It was 2 or 2:30 in the morning, and we were a good 3 miles north of where we needed to be.  We got off the bus and decided to call a cab, but we needed to know exactly where we were at so the cab could find us, so Cara went up to ask the bus driver.  The guy was on the phone, so she waited until he was off.  Just as he hung up the phone he turned to Cara and said, "I've been authorized to take you down to MLK and Prescott" (which is only 5 blocks from where we needed to go).  Elated and hugely grateful, we all hopped back on the bus for our private ride home.  Where else does that happen except Portland?!  So, hats off and many thanks to the last shift bus driver of bus #2834 (Line 8) on 8/16/2013 (technically 8/17 since it was the wee morning hours) - he was our lifesaver!

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