Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8-19-2013 Dinner at analog

We went to a place called Analog that is owned by a record label.  It was one of the most bizarre dining experiences of my life.  There were lots of staff people there and they all just looked right through us.  Finally I went up to the bar and ordered a drink.  The place is like a dive bar crossed with a fine dining restaurant.  They have an executive chef and high prices on the food, but then you don't  get greeted when you come in and you have to order at the bar...then if you want anything else you have to get up and then go and ask at the bar again? 

I had concerns about the cleanliness of the restaurant and the whole thing was wildly bizarre.

With that said here is what we ordered.


seafood stew

I didn't even bother to rate this place online because one of my customers hooked me up with this nice free dinner and I just wanted to accept his gift and move on.

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