Friday, October 11, 2013

10-10-2013 walk around Indy downtown

It was a very nice fall evening.   We decided to go on a walk downtown.  We started off by visiting Tomlinson Taproom which is in city market in downtown Indianapolis.  Tomlinson Taproom is a joint venture between the city of Indianapolis and the Indiana Brewers Guild.  They only sell local Indiana Beers and on Thursday they sell pints for 4 bucks.

On this day no sooner did we grab a beer when a flood of lawyers and judges descended upon the place.  It provided an interesting ambiance.
This is a shot across the Indy City Market looking at Tomlinson Taproom
On the way to the restaurant we walked past Scottys Brewpub and scored a 2.50 pint of anything on thursday!  We sat outside and enjoyed the sunset.  They have one of the best patios in downtown.
They had fireworks and they were using them to force the birds to stop roosting in the adjacent trees. Everytime a flock of birds came to roost they were shot at with rockets.   It will be interesting if it stops them from roosting permanently.
We ate at Claddagh Irish Pub in Downtown Indianapolis.  We had a gift certificate that said 10 off of 20.  click here to see the food log entry

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