Sunday, October 13, 2013

10-12-2013 Quaff On Brewing Co. Opening Party

A longtime friend invited us to the Saturday opening of Quaff On Brewing Co. in Nashville, Indiana.  We love supporting local, so we were all for it.  The brewery is in a cool old building that has also served as a bowling alley and a skating rink.  They took out the low ceiling and exposed beautiful curved metal roof beams (which they didn't even have to repaint) and amazing cedar wood planks.
Quaff On Brewing Co. opening
Our friend had VIP tickets, which got us each free food and a souvenir glass.  Eric and Cara really enjoyed their Busted Knuckle, a strong dark brown ale that almost tasted like a porter or stout.  Eric and our friend, Danny, also enjoyed the hoppier selections like the IPAs.
Live music at the Quaff On Brewing Co. opening
Some people gathered outside where they were playing cornhole.  Inside the building you could enjoy live music, food, beer (of course), and brewery tours.  We got a full brewery tour, which was very interesting.
Chillers used to help control the temperature of the beer
Boiler and water purification system

Carbon Dioxide bubbling from a tank as a beer ferments
More conditioning tanks
Walk-in cooler for storing the finished product
Barrels for aging some brews
Cara (a vegetarian) was only able to eat cole slaw and chips at Quaff On, so we left to get something more substantial.  We went to Big Woods Brewing Co. and got the Veggie Max pizza, which was yummy!  Then we went back to our friend's place to wait for his girlfriend to get off work.  When she arrived we headed back to Quaff On Brewing Co.  We enjoyed more music, drinks, and another brewery tour before heading back to the apartment.  We talked, drank and snacked even more before finally calling it a (great) night.

One funny thing to note:  We knew our friend Danny had lived in Montana briefly a year or so ago, but weren't sure exactly where.  Turns out he lived very close to Red Lodge!  (See our post from September about our adventures there.)  Plus, he knew the nice couple from Indiana that we had met when we were there!  What a small world!

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