Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10-28-2013 Pitchfeast at the Speak Easy

There was an event in Indianapolis called Pitchfeast by Dreamopolis.  It occurs every month and the way it works is that you pay 5 bucks to get in and you get a wooden token and you get beer and food.  Companies sponsor the meal and then all of the entry fee gets awarded to the winner of the pitch portion of the event.

People get up there and pitch an idea that will help the community.  On this day we couldn't have had more different pitches.  The first pitch was from a company called Boosterville.  They had a way that you could pay for your purchases with an app.  Then 1 % of your purchase would go to a charity of your choice.  The business would save 1% on the transaction fees.  Boosterville had their ducks in a row and have a developed app.  They had worked on this for 2 years.

The Speak Easy in SoBro
It was a costumed event and we dressed up as the Amish Mafia
The second pitch was from a lady named Dorothy who wanted to develop a brand for herself called Homegrown Hillbilly and she wanted to be motivational speaker and wanted to help motivate people in underserved areas.  She seemed to have a good heart and she brought her whole family with her and they were all very nice.  I think that people felt like Boosterville was already a funded enterprise that was well developed.   Everybody wanted to help Dorothy get started and for this reason she won and got $295 to get her started.

We didn't realize at first that the chili provided was vegetarian, and Cara didn't eat it.  So, after this meeting we went to Broad Ripple and ate at Noodles and Company and that review is here.

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