Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9-24-2013 - 9-29-2013 - Michigan Paddlers Rendezvous

For the past 5 years we have attended the Michigan Paddlers Rendezvous that a great guy named Mark Spurrier and the group Michiana paddlers puts on.  There are a bunch of reasons why this event really kicks ass!

  1. There are tons of great clean rivers to paddle in the area
  2. There are tons of great people to help you pick great rivers to paddle and to help you shuttle to them
  3. There are lots of opportunities to talk about rivers and exchange info on rivers
  4. This is past the peak time and that means less paddlers.  Some of the rivers need permits to paddle on.
  5. Did I mention all of the great people?  Well I often see these people once a year at this event and to me that is in keeping with the concept of a rendezvous.
Here is a map you can save as your own that has all of the Pine access points on it.

View 2012 michigan paddlers rendezvous in a larger map

The stars aligned this year and we were the first ones there and we arrived at about 9 in the evening on September 24.  We setup our camp at Coolwater Campground which is on top of a bluff with stairs heading down to the Pine River.  

The event didn't start until Thursday.  All day Wed. we just chilled out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

On Thurday at about noon we rallied and put on the Betsie River.  The river was very clear and nice.  We encountered no obstructions.

On 9-27 we paddled the Manistee River.
These are the steps down from the parking lot

Looking upstream from the putin

Looking downstream from the putin

The weather cooperated the whole weekend

The leaves were just starting to turn

This is the Takeout

On Saturday 9-28-2013 we set out for our long trip on the pine river.  The trip is about 30 miles and you can reference the map at the top of the post.  The trip we took was Edgetts to Coolwater Campground.

This is the parking spot at Edgetts where we put in

This is the putin at Edgetts

The Trees were really popping

On our trip we never had to get out of the boat for an obstacle

There were about 12 people that paddled together on this trip

Pine River 9-28-2013.  On the second day of the Pine (the last day of the trip) we walk down the stairs at Coolwater Campground and our boats are waiting.  We paddle from the campground to Low Dam.  This is a faster and fun trip and many people say this is one of their favorite sections of the Pine.  There are a couple of really fun Play holes too!

this is the access point at Coolwater Campground

Fall Colors were just starting

Great resting point at Peterson Bridge access point

We always seem to paddle with this great group from Kalamazoo

She did great and was new to paddling

this is the takeout at low bridge access point

on the way to the parking lot at low bridge access point

this is the parking lot looking back

We stayed one more night at Coolwater campground before heading off to Traverse City.

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