Friday, November 15, 2013

11-15-2013 2-Night backpacking trip Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky

We met up at our friend Susie's at 7 on Friday night and left for Daniel Boone National Forest (specifically the Red River Gorge area) near Slade, Kentucky.  You could go out I-74 or I-65 and it was only 1 mile and one minute difference according to Google.....Interesting....we went down I-65 since that is what we always do.   The trip takes 3:45.

We kept track of each other on the way down and the trip was fast and smooth.

That Friday we camped at Koomer Ridge Campground and got up and left early on Saturday.

Our spot at Koomer Ridge Campground

The plan was to do a 6-7 mile loop with some side trips.  We left from the main parking area for Courthouse Rock.

Parking lot was pretty full, but we didn't see tons of people on the trail
We hiked the old road out to Double Arch, then went back to the Auxier Branch Trail and found a campsite.  The next day we saw Courthouse Rock and took the Auxier Ridge Trail to loop back to the parking lot. (That is not my thumb in the picture by the way)
We did the loop trail and this was an old road that we started on
I reminded Jay to be careful....the cliffs can be dangerous

Shawn always has to look over the edge
That night we found a nice campsite that had been used a lot in the past.
There were many beautiful vistas

This was our great lunch spot on day one
This was our camp spot on Sat. Night
This was our camp spot on Sat. Night

Courthouse Rock
On the hike out Sunday, there was rain, mist, fog, etc.  We knew strong storms were coming
They had a small fire there that was contained to the area of a football field
As we left a fog rolled in....this is looking back over the valley near where we hiked
We stopped in a quaint town called Midway.  We had a good meal at The Grey Goose (the only place open that Sunday).

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