Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11-19-2013 Smartup meetup at the Speakeasy

On Tuesday evening I went to the speakeasy in southern Broad Ripple and listened to Doug Karr of DK New Media.  The does the tech marketing blog and I had heard him speak before.  He makes common sense.  My takeaway from his talk was:

  1. carefully screen your customers to find the right fit
  2. develop a continuing relationship with the customer
  3. do the right thing and deliver value
  4. don't focus on the trends and instead focus on creating good solid content and good solid customer service and let the traffic and benefits come to you instead of always chasing it
  5. be humble about your knowledge

There were about 25 -35 people at the Smartup Meetup
 The event was very very enjoyable and well worth attending.

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