Sunday, November 24, 2013

11-24-2013 A day with Mark Wilcher

Cara took off with some other girls and went shopping.  Eric hung out with Mark Wilcher all day.  We played some games then went to Dave and Buster's for a birthday party.

I had never been to Dave and Buster's before and for my taste the place isn't that great.  They don't have pinball, and none if the games really appealed to me.

The food seems like it is the cheapest unhealthy food possible.  I personally ate some chips and cheese dip.  The salsa was bland, the cheese tasted like really cheap canned cheese, and the chips had a funny taste.  I think they are just really cheap chips that were slightly warmed up.

Above is a time lapse video taken of Zora eating an omelate.  This was shot in 8x fast speed on my Note 2.

Above is a time lapse of Zora and Ella playing a light game

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