Friday, January 10, 2014

1-10-2014 bike update

Well, I have been running around 100 MPH with my hair on fire lately.  With that said I renew my vows to keep the Blog Up better.

Since 1-3-2014 we have been setting up our place here in Austin.  We have a small one bedroom apartment right on the river at Riverside and South Congress.  For you less familiar with Austin, this is just across the river from Downtown.

We will be here until April.

We ended up getting some Electric Hybrid bikes that combine a 250 watt electric hub motor with a regular bike.  It gives you 3 levels of assist and goes about 15 mph or so.  This starts an experiment of live without a car.  It is hard to park in Austin and costs money too.

Stock Hybrid bike from Sams Club for $899
We just got the bikes and now we have to work on waterproofing and customizing the bikes.

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