Thursday, January 16, 2014

1-16-2014 BASHH (big ass social happy hour)

Once per month they hold a BASHH networking event.  This time it was at the Brew Exchange in downtown Austin.   They have an interesting way to sell their 100 + beers.  Each beer is divided into a class like Lager, IPA, etc.  Then as you buy a beer then the price goes up while the prices go down for the poor selling beers in the same category.  It is interesting, but you really never know what the beer will cost.  There is a ticker and a board, but who really studies it?  During happy hour the beers are much cheaper.

The ticker tells what a beer costs and the cost of a beer is always changing.
After BASH we went to Chinatown for some karaoke.  We didn't sing, but enjoyed ourselves none the less.  When we got to Chinatown we were greeted by over 100 sorority girls....and they were really pounding the sake and beers.

I learned that college girls like to pee in groups of 6-10

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