Thursday, January 30, 2014

1-30-2014 Lunch Ripple, Social Media Predictors, Network after work

This day was a busy one.  At lunch I went to an event called the 8 minute ripple. The event was put on by a guy named Steve and he had a great speaker named Harry Lakin.  Harry talked about hiring capacity.  He pointed out that many tests are misused.  He contends that the ipsative tests where you get forced answers are great for team building but not good for capacity building.  He does and OMS questionare that takes 5-10 minutes.

Harry Lakin gave a great talk

Then the Ripple started.  This is where you break off  and you talk to people about whatever questions are on the projector.  You don't talk business you don't talk about what you do.  You just talk about what is on the screen.  The concept is that you need to build a relationship and then you can establish a business relationship.  Normally you just talk business with everybody and that is the only thing you know about them.  I thought it was fun and went well.

Then we were off to social media predictions.  This was a very nice talk about the future and the a lot of the talk focused on how the young people are leaving facebook and the social media landscape is much more fragmented than ever.  They talk about focusing in on a good solid conversation and paying attention to the top social networks and "sticking to your knitting"  Use a common sense approach.

Many times I hear that the kids are leaving because their parents are on facebook.  My contention is that young people use lots of social medias and each for it's own best uses.

After the social media predictions we went over for a happy hour to discuss more about social media.  These guys use tools that cost thousands per month and they get really in depth.  It was nice hearing what they can do and I am sure that these tools will be available for us to use in the future for much cheaper.

After that I went over to the Networking after work social event.  It was a lively place and I talked to several interesting people and I got a bunch of cards.

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