Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5-5 to 5-20-2014 Biking Indianapolis

The new bikes with electric assist that we got in Austin have really opened things up for us.  It makes it much more feasible to bike downtown, even from Beech Grove.  We found a nice, low-traffic road to bike on before joining up with the Cultural Trail in Fountain Square.  From there, it's a super quick ride downtown.  We've really enjoyed being able to bike downtown (enjoying the ride, instead of fighting traffic), have dinner, walk around, see Pacers games, and bike home.

We were shocked that the first time we rode downtown we lucked into CHEAP tickets for the Pacers playoff game.
Yes, it was already halftime, but we had a blast, and it seemed like there isn't a bad seat in the house.
White River State Park
Beautiful view of White River as it leaves downtown Indy.
The lovely trail past the Indianapolis Zoo.
Crossing the river in White River State Park.
White River State Park
The Cultural Trail downtown
We biked to Mass Ave., an area of downtown we like very much.
The 2nd Pacers playoff game we lucked into at halftime - better seats, and we won!
Drummers celebrating after the win
The beautiful Pathways to Peace Garden at Indiana and Senate.
Pathways to Peace Garden at Indiana and Senate (by Bourbon Street Distillery).
A nice, new, free bike repair station in Fountain Square - how handy!

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