Saturday, July 19, 2014

7-19-2014 Berry Festival and a long walk about.

It was a nice Saturday with highs about 83 and full sun.  We rode our bikes over to the Saturday market which is held every Sat. and Sun. by the river.  There is always a lot going on and while many of the booths are the same many are different.  There are always a lot of street performers and bands and sights and smells.

Portland Saturday Market - it goes on for several blocks and has maybe a hundred fifty total booths.
Then we headed over to the Oregon Berry Festival.  It was much smaller and surprise surprise, they sold a lot of berries and berry dishes there.  3 bucks a pint for anything.

There is always a band playing in Portland and they are usually pretty good.  This was no exception.

Tough Love Pyle is the name of this band

Cara and our cousin Savana

In Portland the citizens want to try to reduce landfill waste.  The people go to great lengths to
 recycle and people here are very proud of this.  I mostly see people sorting their trash properly,
and there are recycling bins everywhere.

After we left the Berry Festival we went walking around and stumbled upon this area that is designed to trap and filter runoff from rain.

After that we walked over to 21st and 23rd streets and walked around this is a large area of shops and restaurants and bars along the street.  It is fun to walk by and look at what everybody is eating and doing.

There is a lot of Art in Portland and it is mandatory to include art in major new construction.  Lots of walls are painted with all sorts of random things.

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