Friday, July 25, 2014

7-24-2014 Oregon Brewers Festival

After work we walked over to the Oregon Brewers Festival in Waterfront Park.  We did sample a few beers (raspberry wheat, chocolate porter, double latte coffee milk stout), but our main reason for going was to watch the Scott Pemberton Trio perform.  We had seen him first last summer at the Waterfront Blues Festival (he rocked), and then we paid to see him at Doug Fir (great show, great venue, great company).  Once again, they did not disappoint.

The nice bike parking area for the Oregon Brewers Festival.  But, that's just par for the course here in Portland.
Looking south to just one half of the festival.  It's huge, and there were lots of people there.
The "uncrowded" back side of the other half of the festival.
The pretzel necklace hawker was there, ready with his tool to sell you one and hand it over the fence.
We made it to the stage just in time to get front row seats for the fabulous Scott Pemberton Trio!
Below is a 10 minute video of the show.

So, if anyone is interested, we tried Cascade Brewing's "Raspberry Wheat" (Fruit Beer), and Mazama Brewing's "Rasplendent" (Raspberry Hibiscus Wit), but we were not impressed.  Cara thought they were very fruity, but not hearty enough.  However, we did really like Boulder Beer Company's "Shake", a really chocolaty Chocolate Porter, as well as the "Double Latte Coffee Milk Stout" by Sierra Nevada (in collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing Co).

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