Saturday, July 26, 2014

7-26-2014 Division/Clinton Street Fair & Tiny Houses

This isn't as big as some of the street fairs, but there was a lot to do.  We got over to the street fair at about noonish.  The first place we stopped was behind a new apartment.  They were offering free beer, popcorn, and peanuts. 

This singer sang sweetly like a bird.  We listened to a few songs before we had to go.

This shows you the space they had the function in.

I took this picture because it is rare to find a pinball machine in America, but in Portland they are everywhere and this
 place even features them in their signage.

It is interesting to see the old and the new together....I bet these guys wanted to race each other at some level.

The street fair was also on Clinton Street. 

At 5 pm we went over to a barbecue presentation on how Portland could have some tiny house communities.  Tiny
houses are about 200-800 square feet and are often prefabricated.  The problem is that cities don't know how to classify
them.....are they an RV?  What if you want to turn a shed into a tiny house?  What is the minimum square feet that a
building can be to be habitable?  Cities don't really love to zone for campgrounds and trailer are they going
to deal with Tiny Houses?

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