Sunday, July 27, 2014

7-27-2014 - The Big Float

This was the second annual BIG FLOAT.  They said it was a world's record float, but I have no idea if that is true or how many people were seems like I have been at bigger floats and we used to go to a float in Indiana on Lake Monroe that was so big that it got out of hand and they quit even doing it.

This was the area where people were staging for the event and this is the lawn where they listened to the band.
We did not float or pay for the event, but we hung out and listened to the band.  That line is where people are lining up
to get their rafts blown up

They started down by a bridge in the horizon.  This picture was taken where people were ending up after the float.
The band is there under the tents on the barge.

Another view of the float in progress

The boaters got to enjoy a free concert like we did.

It was a warm day, so most people were in the water, not on land during the concerts.

After the float we went to a restaurant called Isabel Pearl.  They had really cool doors that swung open and created a
nice open access to the patio where we were sitting.

Our Food

It is not often that your bill comes back as 0.  We had a living social deal that we paid
14 bucks for, and that entitled us to 30 bucks in food....and low and behold, we ordered
exactly 30 bucks worth?  (There is no sales tax in Portland.)

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