Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7-28-2014 Cara's Yelp event at Besaw's

This Monday evening I (Cara) went to a Yelp Elite event called "Yelp's Summer Sangria Social @ Besaw's".  It was the first Yelp Elite event I had attended that did not allow guests, so I couldn't bring Eric.  That felt weird, but I decided to just get out there myself and meet people.

Besaw's (at NW 23rd & Savier) has been around since 1903 - wow!

Don, the Yelp community manager for Portland, explained that Besaw's  is primarily known for breakfast and brunch.  So, this event was to highlight some of their lunch and dinner items, as well as their signature drinks, in hopes of drawing in more evening business.  (Case in point:  about half the people at the event had been there for breakfast or brunch, but none had ever been there for dinner.)

Cara enjoyed good food, good Sangria, and did make a new friend named Tom, who also wasn't able to bring his +1 (his wife).

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