Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7-29-2014 Social Media Club event

Social media is one of many things that we need to stay on top of for ourselves and our clients, so we go to any kind of meetup on that topic.  Social Media Club is one group we really like for such events.  (They have a good chapter in Austin, TX as well that we like.)  The event was held at Ecotrust event space (a very cool place), and we enjoyed free, yummy pizza from Hot Lips Pizza located downstairs.

So, this nights topic was "How To Create Great Visual Media On A Shoestring Budget".  The presenters were Jennie Day-Burget and Jessica Williams from Prichard Communications, and we learned about how and why to use Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine, which are three frontrunners of visual social media.  We both learned a lot and were inspired by the presentation.

Presenters Jennie Day-Burget (in the black dress) and Jessica Williams (in the red dress)
They gave lots of good examples of what they were trying to show us on the visual media platforms.
After the event we just had to stop by one of our favorite haunts for some pinball.
We LOVE Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade!

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