Sunday, August 31, 2014

8-31-2014 Saturday Market and Horton Heat show

We started off by going to the Saturday market on Sunday.  (I didn't name it they did)  There are 3 stages of music going there and plenty of street performers that are quite good.  It is a weekly ritual to go there and hang out.

This is a real tree turned into art with copper bark

He had some sort of boxed accordian

We saw navigate north and they are a really good band.  Her name is Tammy J and she is an emergency room nurse but always wanted to be a musician

We swung by a little mom and pop thai place and got some spring rolls

This is the view from the 30th floor the place is called Portland city grill.  They have a good happy hour there and it is always packed

Portland is known for these drinking fountains and they shoot water out all the time. 

This is the fountain art right by our apartment which is on 3rd and Jefferson

We stopped and ate at this little Thai food cart

cara got spring rolls

Eric got chicken pad thai

The homeless guys hang out there and watch....when they see you are about done they come and ask if they can have the rest.  If nobody asks then instead of throwing the food away you put it on top of the trash can and somebody quickly comes and finishes it for you.

It is hard to get a good picture in poor lighting with movement.....It was a great show.

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