Friday, July 25, 2014

7-25-2014 The Bike Design Project Unveiling Party

Portland is one of 5 cities that is competing in an urban bike design competition.  We went to check that out and we knew that the bike tinkerers would also come out there.  We were right.  The featured bikes are very artistic and I guess I like functionality.

This bike was handcrafted by a mechanical Engineer who recently moved here from Detroit.  He wanted to make a
mountain trike with full suspension.  He said the worked on it off and on for 1 year designing it and 2 years building it.
It features a 350 watt electric rear drive and the front wheels are pedal driven.

This guy also modified his bike to be electric.  That motor is inline with the chain drive so you get a geared motor.  It
also has the continuously variable nvinchi transmission in the rear.  He has a business that uses electric bikes to do
urban deliveries to business in Portland.  They haul a thousand pounds of goods on those truck bikes. We saw him
speak last year at an electric bike presentation at the Portland Art Museum.

This is Portland's entry.  The bike is made out of titanium and was 3d printed in its prototyping phase

This shows you the 3d printed components

The event had a HUGE turnout and the streets were blocked off with vendors in the front.

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