Friday, August 1, 2014

8-1-2013 bumming around

Cara has a friend from middle school that lives here in Portland now, so they arranged to have lunch together at a small place called Canteen (at SE 28th & Stark).  It was a great visit, and Cara was delighted to find a wonderful new vegetarian restaurant.

Gerri's "Portland Bowl" (with tempeh and quinoa), and an amazing juice creation.
Cara's beautiful and delicious Walnut Taco Salad
We didn't have any real plans for the evening, but we consulted some of the links that we have listed in the finding your way around Portland page that is accessible on the right side of this blog.  From there we find out that there is a First Friday art event.  We ride our bikes over there and found very little sign of much.  We consulted one of the artists and he said that "they are over here on the east side and they operate at a slower pace, so sometimes things just happen or they don't".  Not really knowing what that meant we tried to find some more of the open houses, but didn't have much luck.

So we decided to head over to a place that we have a gift certificate for.  It was closed down.

Closed down!  And it was such a good place...
So we decided to bike back downtown and eat at an awesome Vietnamese place called Luc Lac.  It is very reasonably priced, delicious, and close to us!

Pork Bahn Mi Sandwich and side salad $7 and it is one of the best sandwiches Eric has had
Spring rolls and crispy vegetable rolls

better pictures of the rolls

The best Garlic String Beans on the planet!

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