Friday, August 15, 2014

8-14-2014 PDX TechCrawl

The event started downtown in the lobby of the Block 300 Building.  The lobby features an awesome living green wall (yes, real grass on the wall), but it was too hot and crowded to even get a good picture.  Then we had two hours to walk around and check out the different tech companies (10 total) downtown and in the Pearl.  (There was a single place on the east side, but I'll bet not many people made it over there.  We only made it to 4 ourselves)  Then we ended the night at On Deck Sports Bar for more networking and the afterparty.

Our first stop was Building Energy.  They have an brilliant program that has taken energy use data from actual buildings
all over the place (documenting the exact products used) and lets people model how energy efficient a building would be
using specific products on the market.

New Relic was our second stop.  This is part of their huge area for workers to play work, eat, play games, etc.

New Relic has an application monitoring tool to help you analyze and fix real time performance of all your web apps.

Located on the 29th floor (just below Portland City Grill), New Relic offers incredible views of the city.

AppNexus was our third stop.  They have an ad platform to help you get the most out of the ads being served on your

This is the nice, fully stocked kitchen/lounge area at AppNexus.

We liked the old school mail slot built into the old building that houses AppNexus.

Next we stopped in at PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment).  Each table in here was home to a different startup.

While there are probably some sweet creations being made here, you certainly won't find any edible pie for sale here
(despite the funny Yelp reviews to the contrary).

Another example of techie/geek humor here in Portland.

The start of the afterparty at On Deck Sports Bar - drinking, networking, freebies, raffle (we didn't win anything)...

We had been past On Deck many times and saw the stores underneath it, but we never would have noticed this bar on
top of it if it hadn't been for this party.  The bar is huge, and the outdoor deck is even larger - quite lovely.

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