Sunday, August 17, 2014

8-15 to 8-16-2014 Portland Walkabout with Dan & Stephanie

We were thrilled that Eric's brother, Dan, and wife, Stephanie, were able to come stay with us for a wonderful weekend visit.  We tried to show them different things than we did last year, and we mostly succeeded.  This year's trip was a "walkabout" in the greater downtown area.

We started Friday night with late night happy hour at Portland City Grill to give them a bird's-eye (30th floor) view of the city.  It was an amazing view, though we failed to take a photo.

Our later night stop was at Luc Lac, one of our favorite places.  We specifically wanted to take them there, and amazingly
Stephanie had done a little research on Portland restaurants and had been hoping to go there as well!  No surprise,
everyone loved the food.

Our first Saturday morning stop was the Portland Farmers Market at the PSU park blocks.  It's immense (this picture
doesn't do it justice), and we were able to find some delicious goodies to snack on.  We'll definitely be back there - can't
believe we hadn't checked it out before this, honestly.

We walked to South Waterfront area and found a nice place on the riverwalk to sit outside and have drinks.

A weekend doesn't seem complete without a stop at the Portland Saturday Market, at least to check out the bands and
other performers.  We've seen this guy on the didgeridoo before, and he's good.

Cara, Steph and Dan at the Portland Saturday Market.  (Okay, this area may technically be part of the Skidmore Saturday
Market, but they blend together really.)
So I guess we fell down on taking pictures after this point, but our later stops included: Mi Mero Mole (for drinks & snacks), Ground Kontrol (for pinball), Berbati (so we could be ignored by the bartenders, apparently), Shanghai Tunnel (for drinks, Photo Hunt, and a history lesson about the "Shanghai Tunnels" under Portland's Chinatown), Ringler's Annex (forgot we visited it last year), McMenamins Ringler's Pub (another revisit, but some good pinball), and Nob Hill Bar & Grill (steak time, apparently).  Whew - we really packed a lot in and had a great time!

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