Monday, August 18, 2014

8-17-2014 Hawthorne Street Fair & A Birthday Party

Portland loves street fairs, and so do we!  SE Hawthorne is also a nice area to walk around.  It was fun, although we've been to so many street fairs here this summer that it seems we recognize and have seen the wares at most booths now.  So, it was more fun to poke around in the stores along the way.  Later that night we went over to Kathleen & Ross' place for Alexandra's birthday dinner (homemade ribs and mac & cheese), which was relaxing and nice.

It says there is stuff going on from 14th to 51st, but it's only blocked off from 30th to 39th, and that's where the action is.

This wild vehicle was parked on a side street, and yes, that is a man with a monkey head on peeking around the front of
the van (he was actually dancing around).  He is the artist behind this creation.

Hahaha, love it - donations accepted in the mouth of the lion!

The detail is pretty incredible.

Very imaginative!  That's Portland for you!

Cara found a wonderful food cart (Holy Mole) on a side street she had never noticed before.  Her salad of cabbage,
jicama, and fennel root, with a lime, olive oil & garlic dressing was flavorful, light and refreshing - perfect for a hot
summer day.  She would go back.  Everything looked good, and it was all gluten free.

There is always free live entertainment at street fairs

Happy 19th Birthday, Alexandra!  Hope you got your wish.

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