Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8-19-2015 Startup Happy Hour sponsored by Intel

Meetup is a website where "birds of a feather flock together"  The meetup could be on any topic that somebody wants to start.  This was a new meetup that was called "startup happy hour"  This one was sponsored by Intel.

This is a common theme in Portland.  A company like Intel wants to unveil a new product and get the word out.  So they sponsor a meetup and give out free food and beer and talk about their product.

The new product seems cool.  They have created a set of chips and cameras and it has a programming language built in.  This takes care of tracking your face and hands and it has infrared as well as light cameras.....All the heavy lifting is done by the new Intel realsense hardware. 

It is designed for laptops and smartphones and will allow you to control your laptop with your voice, face, and hands.

The event was held at ADX Portland which is a shop that you pay a membership to and you can build things.  I could see several carts people were building for Burning man.  We also met a guy that makes spheres out of shop scrap.

This guy likes to come and he makes these spherical balls out of the wood scraps at this maker space

He told me he took up this hobby to keep himself out of the bars....but it doesn't work very well
Intel RealSense technology is new

Intel sponsored a food truck to come and feed us for free
So the whole event was going on until 11, but we took off at about 9:30 and headed home.

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