Saturday, August 2, 2014

8-2-2014 Fremont Fest

Street festivals are a fun free thing to do and Portland really really really loves their street festivals.  There are multiple per week and neighbors just get together and block streets and have their own block parties often.  They are great places to go and look at what sort of art people are making and to get inspired to maybe do your own art someday.

Your typical street festival in a neighborhood we hadn't been to on NE Fremont Street

This is an electric hybrid bike that seems very substantial
We ended up going to Mi Mero Mole, a really good burrito place that sells good cheap Mexican food.

a fat burrito from Mi Mero Mole

Cara's Gabacho Bowl and a pint of Rev. Nat's Tepache (fermented pineapple juice - amazing!!!)

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