Friday, August 22, 2014

8-22-2014 Pinball at Slabtown and bumming around

It was a Friday and we headed over to Slabtown for some pinball and they serve really good food there.  We go there a lot because it is a cheap dive bar that serves awesome food.  They are known for their Falafal.  They have free pinball during happy hour from 5-7 and that is attractive for sure. 
Falafel Salad which is super good and only costs about 5 bucks
 After that we biked around some and just hung out.  Then we headed over to Luc Lac which is a super popular Vietnamese kitchen.  We ended up getting the crispy vege rolls and some Pho Soup.  Both were outstanding.
Crispy Vege Rolls

Pho Soup

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