Sunday, August 24, 2014

8-24-2014 Mt. Hood with Ross, Kathleen, and Alexandra

We got picked up at 10 in the morning and headed over to Mt. Hood.  It is about an hour away.

Right in front of our apartment was an old Land Rover and a lot of people like to drive old cars and old motorcycles in Portland.  They use them for their daily drivers.

This land rover looked like it was ready for action.
 Our first stop was Ski Bowl and that is the first ski place that we stopped at. The stuff that they offered to do was priced for the day and not by the ride or by the hour, so we checked it out and moved on.
This is a ski place and in the summer they offer mountain biking and gravity carts down the mountain

Parking for Timberline Lodge which is right on the Mt Hood Glacier

It was a long but enjoyable hike up from Timberline Lodge to Silcox Hut

Bentley the dog chased a snowboarder and had to be retreived

Way up there people are skiing and snowboarding

We hiked the whole way up to Silcox Hut and where people were skiing and snowboarding.

Eric and Alexandra

Silcox Hut looked super strong and fortified for being covered in snow

The inside looked like it would need a lot of wood to keep warm.

The views were very nice that day, but it was a little bit hazy

This is a panoramic shot

All of us outside Silcox Hut with Mt. Hood in the background

The trail intersects the Pacific Crest Trail which goes from Canada to Mexico.  You could hike this whole trail along the
spine of the mountains....that would get you in shape.  We saw a lot of backpackers.

This is Timberline Lodge, and the whole thing is built of old growth timbers and giant cut
stone...everywhere is ironwork and carvings.  The place is really beautiful and I can imagine
the bustle in ski season.  This three-story tall fireplace is the centerpiece of the hotel.

Carvings were everywhere and if you look at that railing it is also ornamented.  They can't or won't build stuff like this

the fireplace is huge

This is the outside of Timberline Lodge.  (The outdoor shots of the hotel from The Shining were filmed here.)
 After we went to the lodge we decided to have a bite to eat in town at Mt. Hood Brewing Co.

Granny Smith Apple & Spinach Salad

short ribs with spaetzl

We ordered a Pub Fry Poutine  as an appetizer
We got back from the trip at about 7 and decided to head out and play some pinball at Ground Kontrol.

There is a lot of public art and fountains and parks in Portland.  This was on the way to play pinball.

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