Monday, August 25, 2014

8-25-2014 Pinball and dinner

At about 5:30 we hopped on our bikes and headed off to Slabtown.  They have 6 good pinball machines and from 5-7 it is free pinball during happy hour.

We paused and took a couple of pictures of the building that is right next door to where we live.  Vines will grow up that metal lattice.  The structure looks super strong and it will be interesting to see the vines grow.

The building has a very strong metal lattice that vines will grow up
The roof is like a big shade and you can see the vines on the bottom....they have a long way to climb!
After Pinball we headed over to a place called Isabel Pearl that is a nice restaurant that has outside seating.  We had a Living Social deal that was a pay 15 and get 30.  Our total bill turned out to be 4 bucks. 

The restaurant has these cool doors that swing up

Pineapple bowl with the carnitas on the side

Barrio Chopped Salad

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