Friday, August 29, 2014

8-29-2014 walking around on Burnside near Chinatown

We consulted the heatmap of what to do.  In case you don't know what that is a map that shows you the density of certain keywords in reviews and descriptions of places.  So it can tell you things like hipster, dive bar, PBR, etc.  The map shows this as shades of red so that you see an overlay of the hotspots.

We had thoroughly checked out and been to most of the places, so we decided to go to the biggest concentrations of dive bars and that led us to "old town" on Burnside and second.

The goal was to pop into only places we had not been.

Eric got the #4 high score on the pinball machine at Blitz Pearl :)

There are 250 different music and movies in the park and they do it on a large blow up screen.  Look at the throngs of
people to see a Disney movie.

There must be 1000 people to watch the movie

this is the screen they use to watch the movie on

We had a groupon for $30 bucks for Lotus Cafe and Cardroom.  We were pleasantly surprised at how nice and old and
well kept the interior was.

Cara got the Tuscan Kale Salad with Currants & Almonds (delicious!), and a Blood Orange
Margarita (yummy!).

Eric got steak and potatoes

The bill came to 5 bucks.  We both gave it 5 stars.

This was the back bar....old school with a moosehead and everything!

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