Sunday, August 3, 2014

8-3-2014 Saturday Market and Yelp Event

This is a Sunday and we biked over to the Saturday Market.  They sell 1/2 gallons of cider there + there is always a good band or two there.  We stayed for a couple of hours and then headed off to the next thing.

The market always has 3 different bands to pick from and they have talented street performers too.

We saw this unique blues band called Boomeration, and the drummer plays drums with one hand and plays a bass with the other hand.  It sounds perfect!

Great sounding blues band.  You can barely see that the drummer is also playing the bass
the video above was inserted using the import from youtube function of the blog

After the market we went to aYelp Elite event called "Yelp's Midsummer Happy Hour @ Red Star Tavern".  Yelp is a website and a smartphone app that work together to help you figure out where to go.  You can check in and review things.  If you check in and review regularly for a long time they will promote you to Yelp Elite Status.  Cara has that.  This gets you into fun parties.

Yelp is different in that it has community organizers that are paid to help integrate Yelp into the grassroots of a city and help involve the businesses.  This restaurant just modernized after 26 years and they changed the menu and remodeled the bar.  They are a hip place to go and enjoy a 9 dollar cocktail.  Something that we would never do, but Yelp invited us to go and do it for free.

They had a great selection of food if you liked meat.  Usually Portland remembers the vegetarians, but this place didn't so much.  They do, however, have a good happy hour every day, so we might be back.

Tasty cocktails

not much for the vegetarians at this event

a little of everything

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