Sunday, August 31, 2014

8-31-2014 Saturday Market and Reverend Horton Heat Concert

It is a Sunday and we headed off to the Saturday market.  They named it, we didn't.  We have talked about it many times in this log.  It is a great place to go and hear a show.  They have 3 stages of music there.

This is where we ate the night before

This is a real tree that is turned to art with copper bark.  It is anchored to the building.

There are always a lot of street performers

This is a good band called Navigate North

There is a really good little Thai place (Pho TNT) in a nook by the Saturday Market and we got some delicious avocado
spring rolls and a fresh strawberry smoothie.

This is a view from Portland City Grill.  They have a nice place on the 30th floor and a good happy hour.

These drinking fountains are famous in Portland and they have a lot of them.  This is called a Benson Bubbler.

This is Keller Fountain Park near our apartment - it's Cara's favorite.

We ate at this little thai food cart before the show...we were in a hurry

The homeless people watch you and when you look done they swoop in and ask if they can have the rest.  If that
doesn't happen then everybody just puts the left overs on top of the trash can and somebody will soon be along to eat

The second opening band was really impressive - Piñata Protest.

Reverend Horton Heat is a hard driving rock a billy style band ... they refer to it as psychobilly.

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