Tuesday, August 5, 2014

8-4-2014 Dinner and a Concert in the Park in Sellwood

Amazingly we had nothing on the calendar for this day, so Cara did some digging and found a free Concert in the Park in Sellwood.  We remembered walking around that area last year, and liking it, and finding a nice restaurant with great vegan pho soup, so we decided to bike there for dinner and then to check out the concert.  It turned out to be a lovely bike ride, a delicious meal, and a great concert!

A submarine outside the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) - this was right along our bike path.

The Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge - one of the wonderful sights on the Springwater on the Willamette Trail.

Cara loved looking at the art displayed at this gallery last year.  She was disappointed to see it was having a closing sale.

Part of the interior of Mekong, a great Vietnamese restaurant in Sellwood, OR.  We love this beautiful community table.

Phenomenal vegetarian (vegan) Pho soup at Mekong.  We may have to branch out and go back and try something else.

Once again, tons of people turned out for the Concerts in the Park events.  And why not?  It's free, fun music in a lovely
outdoor setting.

The bike parking area at Sellwood Riverfront Park.  There are always tons of bikes at any event.

Tera Zarra performing with Wanderlust Circus.  Their "gymnastic strongwoman", she was definitely multi-talented:  she
balanced on bars (above) and chairs, she bent a metal bar and a frying pan, she tore a phone book in half the hard way,
she busted a concrete block in half on her arm, and she did splits and flips galore.

"Mister Creature" setting up his homemade pipe organ contraption - wish we could remember what they called it.
In any case, you can see it in action in the video below.

After the concert we checked out the rest of the park.  There is a nice beach area that everybody seemed to love.
(That's downtown Portland in the distance.)

A nice public boat dock at the park.

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