Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8-5-2014 Green Drinks at Forge Portland

Forge Portland is a new co-working facility downtown for non-profits and social entrepreneurs trying to do some sort of good in the world.  We missed their grand opening about a month ago, so we were happy when we saw that Green Drinks would be having an event there.  Cara's sister, Kathleen, was also able to go and check it out.  The space was nice, and we met lots of interesting people working (or looking for work) in a variety of different "green" fields, like sustainable travel, green building, and microscopy.

Forge Portland has a variety of events to bring people together, like a Brown Bag Lunch series and Happy Hours.

Some of the nice open working areas.  We particularly love the reclaimed "green" divider separating work spaces, as well
as the tables themselves, which appeared to be made of reclaimed basketball court flooring.

There are also private, enclosed work spaces.  This shows the area before most people showed up.  There ended up
being about 50 people at the event.

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