Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8-6-2014 Music on Main Street

Music on Main Street is a nice concert series that is only about 4-5 blocks away from our apartment.  The bands are varied and usually pretty good.  So this night it was "Morning Ritual", which is described as "fantasy folk" or "hypnotic R&B".  Cara doesn't think either of those fully describe it, but she can't think of a better description.  Very unique.  Lots of vocals as instruments (no words).  She liked them the more she heard them.  Both of the videos below were shot with my camera which seems to do a great job with the audio....go and listen...they were really good.

This is Morning Ritual, with Ben Darwish on keyboards, the Shook Twins (Katelyn and Laurie) on vocals, Russ Kleiner
on drums, and William Seiji Marsh on guitar.  
 Below is a video Eric took of part of one of their songs:

This video was shot with the first act.  It seemed like the same band except they substituted sisters.

There has been some debate about about how to document food.  We like to go out to eat a lot and with a good eye for the coupons and gift certificates + the use of custom mapping you can eat out for cheaper than groceries.  You need to have a lot of restaurants because only a few offer the really good deep discounts.
We are going to try to fire up the food blog method.  This is located at   It works out better because it is helpful to have the seperate blog entrée there because I can link it from some of the food rating websites like UrbanSpoon.  It takes less than 5 minutes to do the whole process, but it is a lot of clicks in a specific order. 
I made the post on that speaks to the food and restaurant.  That food blog is a work in progress.  It is noteworthy that the guy tried to figure out a way to nick us out of 5 bucks on our gift certificate claiming the partner screwed that up trick......we got him to see it our way and tried to help him get it all straightened out so that the gift certificates work for him and not against him.

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