Thursday, August 7, 2014

8-7-2014 First Thursday in the Pearl District

On the first Thursday of each month they have a small little street fair in the Pearl District.  For those of you not from Portland this is the NW part of the city and is the "exclusive" part of the city.  We spent an hour or two looking at some of the art and items for sale....they don't like you to take pictures in case you are trying to steal their ideas.

After that we had a gift certificate that said Pay 10 for 20.  We went to a place called Vintners Café.  The people are very friendly and knowledgeable in there and on this day they had a band playing.

They sell wine and wine making supplies, have classes...and you can even make your own wine at their facility.

The Bar area of Vintners Cafe

The band was very good

Veggie Burger on Gluten Free Bread

side salad with some really good cranberry vinaigrette

Salmon Pate

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