Sunday, August 10, 2014

8-9-2014 Alberta Street Fair

They have a last Thursday street fair every month, but this one is annual.  It is much much bigger and looks like it is organized and they would have to pay to have a booth.  I do still see the same little kids selling wands and their comics and their pictures and cookies.  It is pretty cool to see so many little entrepreneurs out there.

There were several bands there

These guys were singing the old hits.  And of course we had hoopers.

Coming from a coal state I have seen people that want to stop burning coal, but here they
don't want it to even be shipped past them

These guys converted this RV to burn used Vegetable Oil.  I have looked into this and it seems like a pain to find the
stuff and when you pick it up it is in small quantities.
One entire year's worth of trash?  Impressive!!!

We met up with a guy that we met here last year. He is 50 years old and last year he and his wife decided to take 2 months off per year and came to Portland.  Although we have to work they seemed to reach a similar conclusion.  She ended up taking a job, so he came alone this year.  All he does is play ultiate frisbee everyday, ride his bike, and chill out.  We ended up staying out late bar hopping with him and his friends and then headed home.

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