Saturday, August 30, 2014

8-30-2014 Saturday Farmers Market then long bike ride

We took off to have lunch at the farmers market that is a couple blocks away.....It is HUGE and you can practically eat lunch just with all the samples everybody has.

This is one of the most bike friendly cities in America and we never use the car.  We don't talk a lot about biking, but it is implied in each post that we walked or biked there.  We have used the car 3 or 4 times in 2.5 months.  That was just to pick people up from the airport and get groceries.

They do not allow dogs at the market so this guy gets tied up by the bike rack

This is just a small chunk of what is there.  Throngs of people turn out.  It is at Portland State University

They had just gotten done roasting up hundreds of pounds of fresh peppers
 After that went to visit our cousin.  She happens to have just moved to town and we visited her new place.  It was a pleasant bike ride of about 12 miles each way.  We got there early and decided to check out a park nearby.  It was called the Grotto and is a Catholic Sanctuary.  It had a gift shop, an outdoor church, bathrooms, trails and more.  Very interesting indeed.

They were holding a wedding on the day we were there....would have been a great venue for a wedding.

There was a trail with big bronze statues depicting 14 scenes of Jesus's crucifixion.

This is the trail
Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of Savannah's house, but we had a good time and they have a cute pit bull Chihuahua mix.

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