Monday, September 1, 2014

9-1-2014 Labor Day

We looked over our list of things we wanted to see because time is drawing close here in Portland.  There is a huge park called Forest Park.  It was created by the same guy that created Central Park in New York City.  We had never been so we went over there.  It is very natural there and the air smelled nice and the trees were huge.  Portland is called stumptown and I imagine it is because they grew huge trees here and cut them all down.

We did a short 2 mile loop.

The first part of the hike was near a creek

This is a panoramic shot vertically

There was an old ruined stone house

After that we swung over to 23rd street to walk around a little bit.  We had happy hour drinks and snacks at
McMenamin's Tavern & Pool.  This is Cara's Tavern Green Salad and house-made Blackberry Cider.

Bikes get stolen in Portland all the time and I don't really know how you prevent it.  A simple
wrench disabled this bike rack.

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