Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9-10-2014 Cape Blanco State Park to Crescent City California

We packed up early and headed to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse....this is the most western part of the US

This is a replica of how they did things when they used oil to light the lighthouse.  They used rendered pork fat at first, then kerosene.

another view of the old oil room

They used these same cast iron steps in all of the major lighthouses that we saw on the Oregon Coast

They let us get really close to the lense

The lenses were very high tech for their day and would shine a light for 20 miles
 We made quick stop at Port Orford.  They had a nice little wayside park.  It was recommended to us to have lunch there, but the timing was not right.

Battle Rock wayside park

Battle Rock wayside park in Port Orford
The whole drive down the 101 was absolutely beautiful

We arrived at Crescent City California and took our bikes out for a tour of the city and walked on the beach
Crescent City had a lighthouse too!

This is a tribute to a major steamboat accident in 1865

This shows the nice tidal pools and the lighthouse

there is a big rv park near town, but we just stayed on the street for a night

one of the many beautiful boardwalks in Crescent City

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We finally decided to go and get some Sushi.  We ate at Sushi Kyu.

Garden salad with ginger dressing

miso soup

seaweed salad

3 different various rolls

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