Monday, September 15, 2014

9-14-2014 Bend to Silver Falls State Park

We had allotted 2 days in Bend, but we wanted to get closer to Wilsonville, where we would return our RV the next day, so we decided to go and camp at Silver Falls State Park near Sublimity.  We went there probably 16 years ago, and thought it would be good to see again.  Of course, if we saw anything of interest along the way, we had to stop and check it out.

The lovely mountain view on State Road 20 headed northwest out of Bend

We stopped for a bit in the cute little town of Sisters.  They were actually having a small street art/craft fair, which was nice.

We didn't get to Silver Falls State Park in time to do the entire 9 mile "Trail of Ten Falls",
 though we highly recommend that.  We thoroughly enjoyed what we did see, though.  This
is the South Falls, and the trail actually goes behind the waterfall.

This is the Lower South Falls, and you can walk behind that waterfalls as well.

Another view of the Lower South Falls as we approach it.  It is a 93-foot waterfall.

Looking out from behind the waterfall

This vertical panorama shows how big the trees there are.

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